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Clearing the Air

26 Sep

Funny or Snot\’s post most recent post made it’s way to my inbox and I’m finding myself relating.

About the distant family debating an intervention part.

I’ve talked on this blog about drinking wine and Xanax.

While I appreciate the concern and potential for things to be interpreted and/or twisted in a manner other than they are intended, I’m clearing the air.

– I have never ever consumed an entire bottle of wine by myself. If this makes me a light-weight, so be it.

-I don’t drink alone.

-I don’t drink in the am.

-I’ve only been hung over *once*  in my entire life.

-I would rather call my mother-in-law for a ride than drink and drive.

-I do have a prescription for 10 Xanax.

-One I got almost a year ago when my parents split up and I got my infertility diagnosis. All in the same week.

Never once has this prescription been refilled, nor is it close to being refilled.


**Alcohol and/or prescription drug abuse is not at all a laughing matter.  A drink or two here and there is not a problem in my opinion. There are prescription drugs for a reason.  Prescription drugs are an amazing thing if you need them, they are prescribed by a doctor and taken as instructed. If you, or someone you know needs help, please contact Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous.





#Mamavation Mondays

25 Sep

There are moments where the weekly focus of  Mamavation is spot. on.

This would not be one of those weeks.

I don’t camp.

Definitely NOT our family camping.

When camping, I turn into a small child.

I don’t do nature.

There’s a running family joke about me being somewhere in nature and screaming stating that I. Hate. Nature!

I really don’t do nature. I like having my creature comforts. Electricity, shower, toilet paper, a bed.

Camping was what we did for our family vacations.

I think I was 14-ish when we went on The Big Vacation.

My parents, my three sisters and I drove from Michigan to Washington.

Let’s do the math…

One man 

Not our van, but not an exaggeration.

One mom

FOUR daughters

ONE tent

One van.

3.5 weeks

All. Together.

The drive back to Michigan from Washington was just my dad and his girls. Dad did all the driving. Dad made all the camping reservations.

Meaning we drove allllllllll day long, setting up camp in the dark. Electricity was a rarity. Almost as rare as toilets with a door…or that flushed.

I’ve been scarred for life.

I don’t do nature.

Question: Where are you planning for your feet to take you before 2011 ends? Any races or training plans?

I don’t have any plans other than to have my feet moving.

This is the time of year where I start adding my layers of inner insulation. On top of last year’s insulation… First comes Halloween and all the left over candy which just so happens to run out around Thanksgiving. Then there’s the birthday cake. And Christmas parties. And B’s birthday. And family Christmas parties. And eating my feelings from family Christmas parties. It’s a viscous, viscous cycle.

Putting one foot in front of the other and keep moving is my only plan.  I can’t let life get the better of me. I’ve got to make and keep getting moving a priority this time of year!


I CANNOT believe I almost forgot!

The Two Week Challenge recap!

As much as it hurt and I said some not so nice things in my head, I got some serious results! And of course I can’t find where I put the numbers, but I lost inches! Once I find where my scatter brained self put the numbers, I’ll post.

Sign me up for the next one!


This post is sponsored by Omron Fitnessand I’m writing this to be entered into a giveaway hosted by Mamavation – a community dedicated to obesity prevention & weight loss for women

ESPN Isn’t Supposed to Make Me Cry!

24 Sep

It’s officially fall.

That means cooler temps. It got down to 40-something last night! Brrrrrrrrr!

Gorgeous fall foliage.

Seriously, could this be any more gorgeous?!


Saturday mornings at our house consist of wearing The Shirt* and drinking an entire of coffee while watching College Game Day.

I love Game Day. My favorite part of the show is the last few minutes where Chris Fowler, Lee Corso, Desmond Howard and Kirk Herbstreit make their predictions. The best part is when Lee picks the winner of the location game by putting on helmet, jersey, mascot head of the team he picks to win.

This morning’s Game Day had me in tears. In. Tears.

Oklahoma State has a receiver, Justin Blackmon, who (in my understanding) is pretty darn good player. In my opinion, he’s an even better human being.  Game Day did a story profiling Blackmon and Olivia. Olivia is nine years old, has Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia is currently enduring 104 weeks straight of chemotherapy. Olivia and Blackmon first met at a Coaches v. Cancer basketball game. According to the story, Olivia was rather shy and Blackmon went to visit Olivia a few times in the hospital, they completely hit it off and have created an awesome friendship. Olivia went to one of Blackmon’s games and left a pink bracelet saying Liv’s Laugh Cures A.L.L. A bracelet Blackmon always wears because it’s in support of his awesome friend. *Sob!*

Seriously, this was such a touching, heart-warming story that it had me in tears. Blackmon didn’t, and doesn’t, have to spend time with Olivia. He doesn’t have to wear the bracelet. Blackmon certainly isn’t letting his football celebrity go to his head.

I wish I could have found more video from the story, but here’s some of Blackmon talking about Olivia. If you’re anything like me, you may want tissues handy.

*Notre Dame alum put out a shirt known as The Shirt in support of Notre Dame athletics. As avid ND fans, we wear The Shirt every Saturday. As a converted Michigan State to ND fan, I only have 4 Shirts. I think B has and wears The Shirt for at least the last 10 years.

Son of a Monkey’s Uncle!

16 Sep

Hubster and I are going out to dinner tonight.

Like an honest to goodness date.

I had a cute outfit all planned out in my head.

I was ex-cit-ted!

I can’t even tell you the last time we did this!

We have a house guest today.

I’m seriously in love with this little man. 

This means I was up bright and early.

but definitely not bright-eyed and bushy tailed…! 

For some unknown reason I didn’t fall asleep until after 2am.

AKA- Someone didn’t shower this morning before the house guest arrived.

When Little Man went down for a nap I jumped in the shower and crossed my fingers that Little Man would sleep long enough for me to put on some makeup.

Please, please, please, please! Makeup is totally part of the outfit. In a woman’s mind…

Little Man slept long enough that I was able to do the best smokey eye I’ve ever done.


While Little Man was still sleeping, I grabbed my clothes for The Outfit.

I could not find my jeans!

The only pair of jeans I own at this moment that fit. Because all my other jeans are too big. AND these jeans make my ass look a-mazing. #winning!

I could not find my jeans anywhere. 

I literally tore my house apart… but extremely quietly! Little Man was still sleeping.

Then I found them.

In the washer.

I totally forgot I threw them in there the last time I did laundry.

Enough days ago that the whole load is smelling more than a little funk-ay

Everything needed to be washed again. There’s not enough time to wash and probably wash again and dry before date time.

This means instead of looking like this-

Except shorter, wider and with darker hair...

Brian will be going to dinner with this-

For better, for worse…right?

At least my makeup is flawless.



Is This Thing On? (Take 2)

15 Sep


I don’t have anything exciting to say. 😦

I’m just curious to see if this post goes to the brand spankin new facebook fan page I made today.

Have you liked it yet?

You should.

It would boost my self-esteem.

Like whoa.

For real. It totally would. 

Just sayin.


Mean People Suck.

15 Sep

I am beyond outraged.

In January I wrote a post about a little girl who is very precious to me.

This amazing young lady and her brother and sister were micro preemie triplets.

Thanks to amazing medical advancements the trips are happy, healthy 10 year olds. Holy crap I feel old. I’m now that person I promised myself I’d NEVER be. That You’re How Old?! I Remember When You Were Born person. 

A precious miracle that has had endure a lot in her life.

Being born super early and some of the medical issues that come with it.

Now add cyber bullying.

Below is a video Emma’s mom, Melissa, posted on youtube to share some of Emma’s story and showing kids and grownups alike how hurtful comments can be because someone sounds a little different. Melissa and Mike (Melissa’s husband and the trips poppa) are getting awful, hurtful, ignorant, hateful comments on the video.

A video of a 10 year old girl just asking for some acceptance. Something we all need and look for.

Please watch the video and leave a positive comment in support of this awesome family.



Books > Movies of Books.

14 Sep

I can’t lie. I’m kind of excited for this movie.

Not like go see it at midnight all Bella-ed out, but still kind of excited.


My imagination when reading this series was way better.

But I’m still kind of excited. 🙂


Semi-Wordless Wednesday: Did I Really Go Out In Public Like This?! Subtitled: I Was So NOT Awake.

14 Sep

Friday morning Brian and I had an early morning wake up for an appointment 2 hours away.

Halfway through my first cup of coffee I looked down and noticed this:

I had to take a second look, too.


How I Know This Week is Going to be AWESOME!

12 Sep

So this morning I was sitting out on my back patio enjoying a post-workout cup of coffee in the gorgeous beginning of a day and reveling in the silence before I started my day. Oooooooh…coffee. 

Sweet, delicious coffee. ❤

 The house next door gets regular landscaping Mondays. Luck dogs!

Just as I was taking my last swig of coffee I heard it.

He. Cut. The. Cheese. 

The gentleman came around the corner of the house and we made awkward eye contact. Me frozen in the pre-sip motion. Coffee cup raised, mouth slightly open. He paused mid-step with the oh shit haha! I’ve been caught look on his face.

Being the dignified 25 year old lady (bwahahahahaha!) I am, I ignored it, smiled and went inside the house before losing my shit and running to the bathroom before wetting myself from channeling my inner middle school boy who finds farts hilarious.

Made my day, if not my entire week.

Happy Monday!

#Mamavation Monday

11 Sep

Man, it’s good to be back! I honestly don’t know how long it’s been since I posted a Mamavation Monday post.

Last week the holiday really threw me. I had no idea what day of the week it was and totally spaced. My bad.

The weeks before I was dealing with some serious emotional upheaval in my life. I don’t really want to talk about it, but I’m on my way to okay. Promise. As is was my habit, I ate my feelings. And gained a few pounds back. Dirty words…


I’m making some healthier decisions for myself. I’m coming out of the funk and I’m getting back to kicking ass and taking names. I’m focusing on portions sizes what what I’m eating portions of and water intake. When it comes to water I’m an all or nothing kind of girl. I really need to curb my pop drinking.

The part I love to hate of my becoming human again is taking part in the Mamavation Two Week Challenge.

Oh, holy night. I don’t know if I’ve ever been this sore in my life.

But I’m loving it!

It hurts and it’s difficult, but I’m doing it! Maybe I’m a masochist, but oh does hurt so good. 

Most impressive to me is that I’m sticking with it. Having the accountability of daily report ins and the step by step layout of the workouts is HUGE!

Question: When was the last time you got new workout shoes?  What do you use them for?

I honestly don’t remember the last time I bought new workout shoes. Though I do remember the extreme sticker shock… It’s been at least a few years. I’m almost positive I’ve had the same pair of workout shoes longer that I’ve known B.

No, I didn't take a nekkid pic. I have shorts on. 🙂

They’re still in really, really good condition.

Because I never used them until I wrote the post that changed my life.

And it took me a while to psych myself up into using the treadmill.

And  little while longer to become a regular user. *Insert very sheepish look here* 

These Asics are amazeballs. Gel inserts, super cushion-y sole, no pinching anywhere- ever, no blisters. A serious shoe-gasm.

While these shoes are fabulous, I’m thinking of having my gait analyzed at one of the local running stores and buying myself an ungodly expensive pair of running shoes once I’m employed again. I don’t know if it’s the shoes, how I run, an old injury, or what but I get some really bad lower back pain some days after running. I should probably look into that, eh?

I also have a pair of Reebok Easy Tones that I wear EVERYWHERE.  I LOVE these shoes. They’re number 2 on the list of most comfortable tennis shoes I’ve ever worn. Another serious shoe-gasm. For. Reals.

Have an awesome week, Sistas and I promise to try and get back in the swing of posting!




This post is sponsored by Attune Foodsand I’m writing this to be entered into a giveaway hosted by Mamavation – a community dedicated to obesity prevention & weight loss for women