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Super Sarcastic Thumbs Up Time!

13 Mar

I know, I know. Long time no post.

Life has been super cray cray and work is beyond redonkulous.

Feeling a little sassy has completely morphed into full on feeling bitchy and I need to vent.

Wooooo for venting instead of bitch slapping the world!

Exactly why I’m bring the super sarcastic thumbs up back. ūüôā

Let’s give a super sarcastic thumbs up to the gentleman and I use that term loosely¬†who I was stopped behind at a red light waiting to turn left who was¬†texting. on. his. phone.¬† Okay, I’ll over look the occasional quick text at a red light.¬†Even if it is illegal here in the mitten.¬†It was the texting through the¬†entire¬†red light, all of the green light and most of the yellow light that earned this guy a super sarcastic thumbs up. Him shooting the line of cars stuck waiting through yet another eternal red light the finger earns this guy a double gun salute!

Probably not super sarcastic circa 1990-something, but it's almost the exact face I make when giving a super sarcastic thumbs up.

























And to the co-worker who called just as the office was supposed to be closed asking for $10 so she could put gas in her car and go to work tonight and tomorrow morning. A co-worker who comment on how busy the phone was for after office hours.¬†¬†The co-worker who I went out of my way, the¬†opposite¬†direction of home to give $10. Yep, the one who had the balls to call me 2 minutes after I said I would be meeting her asking me where the *^#@ I was with her $10.¬†Yep, all the very same co-worker!¬†Here’s to you my friend!


I definitely wouldn't want Chuck Norris to bitch slap the world.


That Dang Facebook Thing

2 Sep

Subtitled as that post where I get up on my soap box and get a little angry. And post Five Finger Fridays later. This post is another installment of  Sarcastic Thumbs Up



It’s September.

Also known as Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Which I totally support.

I have an aunt who kicked breast cancer’s ass. I know more than a few people who have had breast cancer scares.

Cancer sucks. There are no ifs, ands, or buts about it. Cancer sucks.

But this facebook thing-a-ma-jig where women are posting that they are X number of months along and craving X as their status isn’t raising my awareness of breast cancer.

It’s raising my dang blood pressure.

As an Infertile, I. Am. Pissed.

As someone who can’t get and stay pregnant, I hurt.

I know that my struggles with infertility aren’t exactly common knowledge on my facebook page, but that doesn’t mean pretend pregnancy¬†proclamations are things I want to see.

I have zero delusions that my feelings would stop any of these statuses (statusi???) from people posted if my infertility was posted all over.

I’m well aware that I can remove these status updates from my news feed.

I’m aware that I may be more that a little sensitive.

A lot of people don’t realize that the proclamations of pregnancy and cravings aren’t announcements and part of a facebook meme. More than a few people have commented in astonishment at post-menopausal pregnancy statuses.

I also noticed not a single person I know who is struggling with infertility posted one of these statuses.

I understand the right to say whatever you want on your facebook page.

Momma always said, think before you speak.

All I’m asking is that you be aware of what you’re saying and who may be reading it.

Think before you post.






Friday Flip Offs on Thursday because I’m Classy Like That.

28 Jul

I’ve found ¬†yet another amazingly awesome blog¬†Mama Kiss. ¬†The first post I ever read of Mama Kiss’s was a Friday Flip Off post and I loved it!

Fridays are reserved for¬†Five Finger Fridays¬†so I’m stealing the concept today. I’ve got a lot to get off my oh so ample¬†chest and I’m about to flip.the.heck.out. So help me, I am this ¬†close to the straw that broke the camel’s back. Not that the things on my chest are helping… I’m not a big fan of the middle finger, I use the √úber sarcastic thumbs up. If you ever see me driving and I give an overly¬†enthusiastic thumbs up now you know what it really means. I’m a little terrified shooting up the middle finger will set off someone’s road rage and I want no part of that…¬†


*Side note. In the middle of trying to write this post, some poor, unsuspecting telemarketer happened to call. What’sHisFace O’PainInMyAss is now the proud new owner of a few newly ripped ass holes courtesy of my bubbling rage.*¬†You’re welcome.

Chuck Norris giving the thumbs up made me smile.


Sarcastic Thumbs Up Numero Uno¬†belongs to… *drum roll, please!*

Companies that make scrubs!

While I appreciate the fun designs and colors scrubs are available in, you need to work on your sizes. I would love¬†to wear a shirt that doesn’t look like I’m smuggling watermelons or pregnant. You need a Large and a 1/2 size please. The large scrub top brought lots and lots of attention to the girls. They were lifted and on display. While there are time I may appreciate that look, clinicals and in the work place are NOT. Thank-you-very-much! Large obviously is not going to work, so I tried on the XL. Or should I say potato sack. While there is a tie to cinch the waist to give a bit of a figure, PREGNANT is not the look I’m going for. The scrub tops cinch, but bunch. Not attractive. So help me if someone asks me when I’m due!

And the scrub pants. Oy.

Would it kill you to make a petite version? I’m a little tea pot, short AND stout. I mean really. I can’t be the only one, right?

Sarcastic Thumbs Up Numero Dos.


Walmart, you are a multi-billion dollar corporation. Would it kill you to have toilet paper that doesn’t feel like sand paper on the lady bits?! Not at all pleasant.


Sarcastic Thumbs Up number 3 gets a double gun salute!

The nameless, faceless, spineless jerkface hiding behind the internet who decided to comment on this here blog and tell me that if I was a better Christian, if I prayed better/longer/harder God would bless me with a baby by now.

The offending comment was promptly deleted. While I’m open to suggestions and (mostly) all comments (the ones offering adult services are also deleted…) that crossed the line.

Um, excuse me?!?!

Obviously this person has no idea what it’s like to have fertility issues. I’m sure I’m not alone in my daily, hourly prayers for a solution to my infertility. To know that having a child is a¬†possibility. How dare they decide that I’m not a good person or Christian based on a blog.

How dare they!

I know I’m not perfect. I know there are areas of my life that need vast improvements. None of us are perfect. We all make mistakes, wrong choices. We’re all flawed.

It’s called being human.

We’re using the free will God gave us.

And thanks for giving Christianity such a great name, Jerkface!


Phew, I feel a lot better now. And it was a lot cheaper than therapy. Winning!

Do you have any Friday Flip Offs this week?