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Yeah, Toast!

19 Feb

Number Two is getting married in about six months.

I’m Number One, natch. Nothing to do with birth order… 

I can’t believe my little sister is getting married.

Monday I got to tag along as she tried on what she thinks may be The Dress. It totally is. 

As one of the Maids of Honor and the only Matron of Honor (ugh, matron?!) I’m slated to give a toast. I’ve never given a toast before!

Seriously, who came up with term Matron on Honor. Doesn’t make me feel like a dowdy old lady at all. Oof.


There are tons of stories from growing up together that I could incorporate into my toast, but to anyone who hasn’t lived in the House of Crazy with four daughters and one bathroom… they won’t translate the same. I definitely don’t want to embarrass my sister or myself  but I want to give a personal, heartfelt, entertaining toast that she will love. I don’t want to drone on and on either.

I remember going to one wedding where every. single. person. in the huge bridal party gave a speech and we had to listen to speeches for over an hour and being very uncomfortable as the best man told stories of the groom’s previous…exploits and other embarrassing stories. It was awful and not something I want to do. 

I want to add to my sister’s experience as a bride, not detract from it.

Help a Matron of Honor (ugh!) out.

What has made toasts you’ve heard memorable? Any horror stories of toasts you’ve heard? And what in the world do I say?