The Who’s Who of my Small World.

It gets a little tedious to write an explanation about every name in a post. Here’s your guide to who’s who.

Mr. Wonderful-

Hubster/Hubs/B/Brian– I debated whether or not to use my husband’s name. But, hey, if I’m giving up juicy deets about my life, my husband’s name is child’s play.

The Families-

Mom- My amazing Momma. Mom and I have been close. She’s my #1 supporter (aside from B). We’ve had the typical ups and downs in our relationship and dangit if she isn’t almost always right.

Dad- My Dad. He and I have slowly started to repair and rebuild our relationship since B and I got married. We’ve grown a lot closer since my parents’ split.

Melissa- My oldest younger sister. Number 2 of us kids. She’s in her final year of college to become a Spanish teacher. (I think…I know she’s student teaching and it has to do with Spanish. I should probably figure that out…) She’s been dating the same guy longer than B and I have been together.

Abbey- Number 3 of the kids. Abbey is in her first year of college. Has the voice of an angel. Seriously, this girl can SING! She seems to be loving school.

Hannah- Ah, the baby of the family! But not my baby! We’re 10 years apart and people used to confuse us for mom/daughter instead of sisters. I’m not quite sure what that says about me… Loves to act and sing.


Margrit/Momma C- B’s mom. Amazing cook!

Don/Poppa C- B’s dad. Notre Dame fan. Recently retired, but doesn’t act like it. The family Mr. Fix-It.

Dan- B’s older brother, married to Lacey. Another Notre Dame fanatic. Total computer genius. If I ever have any issues, Dan’s the man. He’s like our family Ask Jeeves.

Lacey- Dan’s wife. The big sister I never had. 🙂

Jeff- B’s younger brother. Married to Jess(ica). Yet another Notre Dame freak. Mr. Fix-It, Jr.

Jess(ica)- Jeff’s wife. Married into the family first. Went completely gray in high school. Canadian transplant. Now she’s officially an American, but she’ll always be Canadian!

 The Friends

Rachel- My bff extraordinaire! She and I have been best friends since middle school. I’m not going to put a number on it, but it’s been a long time. Mom to three of the cutest nieces and nephew an auntie could ask for.

Amanda/Sister Wife- B’s co-worker. She’s known B longer that I have and spends more time with him than I do. Hence, the term Sister Wife.


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