Super Sarcastic Thumbs Up Time!

13 Mar

I know, I know. Long time no post.

Life has been super cray cray and work is beyond redonkulous.

Feeling a little sassy has completely morphed into full on feeling bitchy and I need to vent.

Wooooo for venting instead of bitch slapping the world!

Exactly why I’m bring the super sarcastic thumbs up back. ūüôā

Let’s give a super sarcastic thumbs up to the gentleman and I use that term loosely¬†who I was stopped behind at a red light waiting to turn left who was¬†texting. on. his. phone.¬† Okay, I’ll over look the occasional quick text at a red light.¬†Even if it is illegal here in the mitten.¬†It was the texting through the¬†entire¬†red light, all of the green light and most of the yellow light that earned this guy a super sarcastic thumbs up. Him shooting the line of cars stuck waiting through yet another eternal red light the finger earns this guy a double gun salute!

Probably not super sarcastic circa 1990-something, but it's almost the exact face I make when giving a super sarcastic thumbs up.

























And to the co-worker who called just as the office was supposed to be closed asking for $10 so she could put gas in her car and go to work tonight and tomorrow morning. A co-worker who comment on how busy the phone was for after office hours.¬†¬†The co-worker who I went out of my way, the¬†opposite¬†direction of home to give $10. Yep, the one who had the balls to call me 2 minutes after I said I would be meeting her asking me where the *^#@ I was with her $10.¬†Yep, all the very same co-worker!¬†Here’s to you my friend!


I definitely wouldn't want Chuck Norris to bitch slap the world.


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