Clearing the Air

26 Sep

Funny or Snot\’s post most recent post made it’s way to my inbox and I’m finding myself relating.

About the distant family debating an intervention part.

I’ve talked on this blog about drinking wine and Xanax.

While I appreciate the concern and potential for things to be interpreted and/or twisted in a manner other than they are intended, I’m clearing the air.

– I have never ever consumed an entire bottle of wine by myself. If this makes me a light-weight, so be it.

-I don’t drink alone.

-I don’t drink in the am.

-I’ve only been hung over *once*  in my entire life.

-I would rather call my mother-in-law for a ride than drink and drive.

-I do have a prescription for 10 Xanax.

-One I got almost a year ago when my parents split up and I got my infertility diagnosis. All in the same week.

Never once has this prescription been refilled, nor is it close to being refilled.


**Alcohol and/or prescription drug abuse is not at all a laughing matter.  A drink or two here and there is not a problem in my opinion. There are prescription drugs for a reason.  Prescription drugs are an amazing thing if you need them, they are prescribed by a doctor and taken as instructed. If you, or someone you know needs help, please contact Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous.





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