I’ve Been A Bad, Bad Girl

8 Sep

It’s been a hawt minute since I posted. 

I’ve been bad.

I haven’t even been keeping up with my Mamavation posts.

I’m here, but there isn’t really anything exciting going on in my life. I’m still sitting at home filling out job application after job application and watching semi-trashy television. I’m starting to get desperate over here.

I *did* have an appointment with my regular doctor. She’s completely surprised that I’m not getting (and staying) pregnant. She’s sent me to a specialist. Heaven only knows when I’ll actually get an appointment, but at least it’s a step I can take.

I’m about to get potentially TMI…

I had my period for two weeks. I really wasn’t into sexy time. All the bloating and cramping and pesky bleeding from my vagina really don’t make me feel sexy…or human for that matter.

Yes, this is dirty, nasty and wrong...but too funny NOT to include!

Our adult time has been..lacking.

Not that Brian cares to know, but because of this crazy cycle I have NO idea when I’m supposed to be ovulating. If I were actually ovulating on a regular basis. Which is a huge if.  And my phone took a shit so I don’t even have my handy dandy ovulation app to consult.

It’s probably a good thing I don’t know.

I don’t know how B feels about it, but to me it feels like Adult Time is all about trying to make a baby.

It almost feels like work.

I really don’t like that.

Adult Time isn’t a means to justify an end.

I miss doing it in random parts of the house just because we were horny.

I miss snuggling after Adult Time instead of propping my hips up, hoping one of the swimmers will take.

I miss staying in bed all day long.

So. I’m not doing any OPK.

Or charting.

Or apps.

I’m just going to enjoy Adult Time until the doctor recommends otherwise.

Even then, who knows.

We might be enjoying each other so much that we take a TTC break.

More together time and just enjoying each other’s company can’t be a bad thing.



2 Responses to “I’ve Been A Bad, Bad Girl”

  1. Lindsay Wysong September 9, 2011 at 9:02 am #

    I agree that it shouldn’t feel like work. And period for two weeks, wtf?! Whyyyyy? That sounds like hell. For adult time you guys should try something new. Romantic candlelit dinner? Trip to the porn store? Idk, whatever works for you guys. Something outside of the box 🙂

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