#Mamavation Mondays (on Tuesday…)

24 May

It’s a busy week here in Vinoville so this is going to be quick and dirty and a day late. Oops…

After falling off the workout wagon a little bit, I’ve come back full force. I would get bored with doing the same thing so I’d just stop. NO MORE! I’m looking into exercise DVDs and trying to convince B to lug the treadmill down to the basement where we have a second tv…that isn’t connected to cable but ANYTHING is better than staring at a blank wall. 

My water intake has been slipping and I’ve been drinking entirely too much pop.

My upped workouts seem to have helped in the panic attack/anxiety department. Or the realization that 6 months have passed since the diagnosis and separation. Either way, I’ll take it. 

Question: What keeps you from having healthy snacks on hand when you are out of the house?

I make a seriously effort TO have healthy snacks on hand. I have GIANT purses. Giant to the point that my mom has dubbed them as Mary Poppins bag (MPB) and B refers to them as my carry on luggage. They may give me crap, but when ANYONE needs something, I almost always have it. Stick that in your pipe and smoke it! 

Having a MPB means I have lots of space to put things and lose my keys and/or phone and/or wallet including snacks. I try to keep a granola bar or two in there for snacking emergencies along with an apple. It works out pretty well for me. And those MPB haters that get hungry and ask if I have any snacks! 


One Response to “#Mamavation Mondays (on Tuesday…)”

  1. angelretreat May 24, 2011 at 5:52 pm #

    have an awesome week and im happy your back on the wagon hugs

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