#Mamavation Mondays

18 Apr

1. Rank the following fats from most healthy to least healthy:

saturated fat, polysatured fat, monosaturated fat, trans fat

According to about.com Saturated fat is the healthiest fat, monosaturated fat, polysaturated fat aren’t terrible (but there was a little give and take on which was worse) and the bad boy…trans fat.

2. How do you measure portion control with your lifestyle?

There used to be NO portion control in my life. I would sit with a bag of chips or some other muchie and just eat. Until the bad was gone. My portion was the entire bag.

Now, I ACTUALLY LOOK AND SEE WHAT A SERVING SIZE IS. Yep, it can be that easy. I don’t know why I didn’t do it before!  I look at the serving size, break out my trusty measuring cup (or eye ball it) and I’m good to go.

Amazingly, a portion size doesn’t usually leave me still hungry. Who knew?! I’m so used to eating massive amounts of something that I have a hard time making my brain realize IT’S ENOUGH. I’ve started using smaller plates. I’m not seeing all the empty space on a plate and thinking I have to fill them with food. If it’s not on my plate, I’m not going to sit there and mindlessly eat it. And the things going on my plate are far healthier than they used to be.

3. What object does a serving size of meat compare to?

From my days in high school health class, I remember a serving size of meat being the size of the palm of your hand. The general rule of thumb (dear lord, did I really just type that…) is you always have your hands with you. It makes for an easy quick comparison.

But have you seen the size of a ‘portion’ in a restaurant lately?! The chicken boobie on my Applebee’s sandwich last weekend was easily two, if not three, portions. That thing was a hot mess, hanging all out of the bun. That chicken was STACKED! There used to be a day when I could (and would) eat the whole sandwich in one sitting. And the fries, but now I order veggies or a salad and steal some of Hubster’s fries. What’s yours is mine, right??? Hubster ends up eating some of my food and I take the rest home. Two meals for the (over)price of one!

This week the treadmill was my beach. It kicked my azz.

Tuesday morning I did one of the programmed workouts. It was easier than I expected, so I did another one and went about my day. I had a serious exercise high and decided to workout again. I wanted to try running. My goal was a mile. I cranked the tunes and started running. I made it the mile, but not without a lot of huffing, puffing and four letter words running through my head. I walked another mile for a cool down.

A few hours later, it hit me. It was Tuesday. The day I planned to meet up with a friend and go walking. I was feeling good and did a bunch of stretching before and after running. I was good to go.

We ended up walking three miles. No biggie, I didn’t push myself walking. I’d had lots of water. I was feeling goooood. I was high on life and exercise!

Wednesday morning I woke up, bright-eyed, bushy tailed and well rested after sleeping like a baby. And then I tried to get out of bed. Oh. My. Word.

Then I tried to get in the shower. I literally had to give myself a pep talk to step into the tub. Shaving my legs was not going to happen. I  had enought issues standing upright on two legs, there was NO WAY I was going to balance and lean. Not. Gonna. Happen. It took another pep talk and several failed attempts to get out of the shower. My twitter stream and facebook page were full of my mobility woes. There were a few times through out the day where I was in a position I didn’t know if I could get out of.  I won’t even share about using the bathroom. Nightmare!  Hubbs found it all quite entertaining. Ass. I walked a 1.5 miles and did some yoga when I got home to try and loosen myself up.

Thursday morning I literally could. not. move. and was very thankful to have the day off. The rest of the week I focused on upper body and yoga.

Now that I’m slacking feeling more like normal, I’m going to go back to using the treadmill with a little less gusto and not doing so much all at once. I think my body will thank me later…

It’s Easter this weekend and that means lots of family gatherings and lots and lots of food temptations. I think knowing there’s going to be a lot of food makes it easier to resist over eating and making good choices when it comes to putting things in my mouth and body. And I threw up jelly beans after eating something else that didn’t agree with me…I don’t think those are going to be an issue.

We’ll be spending Easter Sunday with B’s family. I’ll really have to work on not emo eating for feeling like I abandonded some part of my family for the Easter Celebrations. Celebrating with B’s family was my idea. I didn’t want to be put in the position of having to choose which parents I would be spending time with. Easter is a celebration, not a time to beat myself up and feel like a bad daughter for choosing one parent over the other. I almost wish there was a custody agreement between my parents (and in-laws) so I knew where to be when and who with…

It will be a good week. I will make good decisions for my physical and mental health. I will not freak out about things completely out of my control.

Have a fabulous week!


10 Responses to “#Mamavation Mondays”

  1. Heather @ Not a DIY Life April 18, 2011 at 3:40 pm #

    Dang, girl! You really gave it to yourself, didn’t you? Glad your muscles are feeling better!

    I am with you re: restaurant portion sizes – TOO BIG! It’s so easy to sit down & eat 1000 calories without realizing, even if you get a “healthy” entree. Have to be on guard always!

    • smallworldbiggirl April 20, 2011 at 1:56 pm #

      Dood, I was seriously sore…my legs and my abs from laughing at myself! 🙂

      I don’t get how portion sizes can even BE that large. Flipping ginormous!

  2. Megan @mnmspecial April 18, 2011 at 5:11 pm #

    Love the picture! I am a pusher, so its easy for me to over do and then give up. Congrats on listening to your body and heading back out with less roughness on your poor body. Good luck.

    • smallworldbiggirl April 20, 2011 at 1:56 pm #

      I saw the pic and KNEW I had to put it in. Glad you liked it. 🙂

  3. Lena April 18, 2011 at 5:31 pm #

    I hope this will be a good week for you too. Enjoy!

  4. Carrie@FamilyFitnessFood.com April 19, 2011 at 9:40 am #

    I think I’ve done that over-zealous workout before and paid the price later. Good luck with Easter, do what you need to do. Have a great week.

    • smallworldbiggirl April 20, 2011 at 1:57 pm #

      I now know less is more! Have a great week and thanks for stopping by, Carrie!

  5. Stacie April 19, 2011 at 10:54 am #

    Love that chicken picture, it made me laugh so hard!
    Hope you’re feeling better! It’s so easy to get all gung ho about things, and overdo it before you realize what you did. Good for you on taking a rest to let yourself recover, while not getting discouraged.
    Have a great week!

    • smallworldbiggirl April 20, 2011 at 2:00 pm #

      I saw the picture and it fit PERFECTLY! It needed a home in the post. Ha ha.
      I was all gung ho for exercise and didn’t take a second to think about how long it had actually BEEN since I did anything other than shuffle to the fridge and back to the couch… It was a not so gentle reminder that I needed to take it easy(er). 🙂

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