Today kicks ass!

18 Feb

It’s Friday.

The 2 week-long, never-ending period FINALLY ended.

I’m having an awesome hair day.

I’m wearing pants that didn’t fit two months ago.


The one light I always hit red no matter what time I leave for work was GREEN today!

I’m feeling refreshed and energized despite my lack of sleep last night.

Hubster slept facing me. Meaning his refried beans and chili stank ass were not.

My appointment with the doctor yesterday went very well.

I’m down 12 lbs.

My body IS responding to the meds.

Stress is exaggerating the side effects.

The doctor gave me some tools to reduce stress and a script for Xanax “for when I really feel like I’m going to tear my hair out.”

But I’m not sure if I want to take them.

The meds, and the tweaks just made, are working to the point where the doctor said she would be surprised if I wasn’t pregnant in 6 months. (Holy crap. Holy crap. holy crap.)

Hubster is excited but holy crapping, too.

Just because we can doesn’t meant we will.

Practice makes perfect right?

Today totally kicks ass.


2 Responses to “Today kicks ass!”

  1. Pamela February 18, 2011 at 1:20 pm #

    I am SO excited for you!! A great day due to some extraordinary news yesterday…I love it. It’s like the red carpet was rolled out for you and your husband alone, stank ass and all!!

    BTW, Xanax isn’t that bad. It really does allow you to relax and breathe a little easier in those moments where you feel like the world is crashing in on you. It does depend on your dose though. If I take 50 I can’t drive or really feed myself but at 25 I’m mellow and good to go. Keep that in mind. Also? It wears off in 4 hours if you hate it that much!

    • smallworldbiggirl February 18, 2011 at 1:56 pm #

      I’m pee my pants excited! If I wasn’t to rhythym challenged I would have done a happy dance, but I really didn’t want to be hospitalized for a suspected stroke or anything.

      Between work, life, infertility, marriage and all the drama surrounding my parents’ separation I’m a big ole ball of anxiety. Panic attacks are becoming a bigger and bigger part of my life. Then I have anxiety about the panic attack. It’s a vicious, vicious cycle. I’m not opposed to Xanax, but I was on anti-depressants a few years ago and they seriously messed with my body. If we do start trying to get pregnant, I don’t know what that would do to my body. Thank goodness for internet research!

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