I Love My Husband…

25 Jan

I love my husband. Truly. Madly. Deeply.

But would it kill the man would it kill him to pick up a dish?

Or get a new one when he eats something different. Or once a day. Heck, I’d settle for once a week! Multiple uses for multiple meals for multiple days is a wee bit icky. It may gross me out, but the same plate next to His Chair is just ‘easy access’.

We don’t exchange birthday or Christmas presents. I’m totally okay with that. ALL I WANT ANY/ALL HOLIDAY is for Hubster to him to help put groceries away. The amazing 10/$4 yogurt deal isn’t going to be so amazing when we pay $4 for 10 deliscious and nutritious spoiled yogurt when they sit on the kitchen table.

I cringe appreciate when he lets me know laundry needs to be switched from washer to dryer. Would it kill him to do it? ALL HE HAS TO DO IS PUSH START!

I love my husband. He’s AMAZING.

His hugs are to die for.

In the year and a half we’ve been married, I’ve emptied the dish washer ONCE! He’s good like that. 🙂

He gets my side of the bed all warm before I come to bed. He knows I DESPISE  cold sheets.

Hubster is amazingly wonderful and I wouldn’t change being married to him for ANYTHING,  but I’m your wife not your mom. Let’s get it together here!


Your Incredibly Lucky Wife.


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