The only thing I miss about high school is my high school body.

13 Jan

When I was in high school I was hot. I had a tight little body with an hour-glass figure with a flat stomach and lots of boobs.

I also had a boyfriend who was constantly telling me I was fat among other things. I was OBSESSED with anything and everything I put in my mouth. I was drinking huge glasses of water to trick my stomach into thinking it was full.

As most high school relationship go, this one ended. I didn’t have someone asking me about my weight. Telling me about my weight. Telling me I shouldn’t eat this and that.

So I ate.

And ate.

And ate.

I got fat and became the fat girl that I felt like inside. My outside matched my inside.

 I have an awesome life. I’ve got an amazing, supportive, loving, compassionate husband. (Who told me he’d take my engagement ring right back when I flipped out about starting a wedding diet.)  I’m happy. And I’m ready to make some changes.

For me.

Because I want to.

And I want to do it the right way.

Let the journey begin!


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